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Ph: 1300 448 324 (1300 HITECH)
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Hi Tech are one of the most highly respected heavy equipment, radiator and oil cooler repair shops in Brisbane. We cover all aspects when it comes to:

  • Trucks
  • Farming machinery
  • Mining equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • All generators - any size
  • Intercoolers
  • Oil / Air coolers
  • Hydraulic coolers

We can courier your radiator to your door just ask Hi Tech
Ph: 1300 448 324 (1300 HITECH)

Hi Tech have aimed at covering all aspects of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is most definitely where trucking companies, mines, quarries and farming machinery make their money so Hi Tech strives to have the job in and out the door as fast as possible. Hi Tech cover all states in Australia and in some cases internationally with the insurance in place and high transporting knowledge to offer safe, reliable and fast service. We have a large range of excavator radiators and hydraulic oil coolers, completely reconditioned with warranty included and complete advice on how to properly install them.


Hi Tech Radiators and Air Conditioning also have a complete flush out machine to clean out all left over fluids, metal filings and all other unwanted particles. This service is used quite regularly for all heavy equipment companies particularly:

  • Hydraulic oil coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Air coolers
  • Engine coolers
  • Intercoolers

This service is currently being updated with a high pressure recycle flow of chemical degreaser solvent and hot water which will be unique to Hi Tech and one of a kind in Queensland. Oil coolers and air coolers are always a problem for companies to have them repaired, tested or serviced. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to test these units using high pressure nitrogen, testing up to 350 psi.


Musabi radiator cores have always been an area of radiator work that most shops shy away from, however with 8 years experience behind us, we have no worries with servicing or supplying new panels, tubes or grommets. We are also Air Radiator approved repairers for all warranty work and genuine radiators, intercoolers and gaskets for all owner drivers or large trucking companies like Kenworth, Cummins and Detroit Desiel to name a few.

We are completely equipped in handling all sized radiators.

If you have had problems finding a shop to manage your heavy equipment, give Pearls Radiators a go and you will see that it is possible. We are equipped with three different sized forklifts and a large overhead hoist used to lower radiators and oil coolers directly into the very large test tub. Along with the test tub, we are equipped with three different air pressure regulators for high or low pressures.
We also have all large testing bungs to bung the largest spout inlets and outlets or filler necks where the radiator cap sits.

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